New and Antique Watch and Case Repair. Quality Caring Repair on Your Most Valued Timepiece. One Year No-quibble Warranty.

I do not have a walk-in shop and take watches in for repair by mail only. There are many watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair; so before sending me your watch, please phone or email me with a message detailing what kind of watch you have and what problems you are having with your watch. Please include your phone number so I can discuss the repair of your watch with you over the phone.

Contact me, Stephen Thomas, at 503- 239-1859 or I will get back to you within a day or two. If I have accepted your watch for repair, please complete this form and enclose it with your watch when you send it: Sending Watch Form

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                                                               I do not sell parts or do appraisals. Please do not ask.

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I have been making my living doing watch and jewelry repair for over thirty years. During this time, I have done quality work on just about every kind of watch made, from old inexpensive dollar pocket watches to new diamond encrusted Rolexes. Because I also repair jewelry, I have made many case parts and have done extensive restoration on worn-out watch cases.

I have parts accounts with several major watch brands and deal with reputable parts suppliers. I am thus able to acquire genuine parts to repair most watches. If original parts are unavailable, it may be possible to repair your watch using generic parts.

Since I have repaired such a wide variety of watches over the years, I have acquired the skill to do repairs on watches in just about any kind of condition. I am capable of most levels of watch repair from just getting your watch running, to replacing worn-out parts, to making some parts if they are not available.

Upon sending me your watch, I require $20.00 in advance. This covers diagnosis, and return shipping by registered mail with insurance of $500.00 dollars.

When I receive your watch for repair which you have (PLEASE) wrapped in lots of padding, partially disassemble it and email or telephone you with an estimate of the cost of parts and repair.

I do not do any repair work until you have given me authorization. After the repair is done, I expect payment in full on the agreed amount before sending your watch back to you.