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I repair watches only, and do not do appraisals, or sell parts.


  I work  out of my house and do not have a retail shop. That means you will have to mail your watches to me for repair. For my address and a form to send with your watches, Please click on 'Sending Your Watch' at the top of the page. 

  If you are in the Portland area, and do not want to mail me your watch I suggest you call Klein Jewelers for your watch repair needs. tel: 503 226-6748. If you just need a battery, Batteries and Bulbs on Broadway 503 546-4962 does a good job. If you are outside the Portland area you should probably contact AWCI (American Watch/Clockmaker Institute tel: 866 367-9800) for a referral to solve your watch problems.

Please, before sending your watch in for repairs, E-mail (include your telephone number and first and last name) or call: Stephen Thomas (503) 239-1859, with details as to the type of repairs your watch might need. I then do not end up with a lot of un-repairable watches in my safe, and you do not waste your time or money either. It is quite often much more efficient for me to call you, so please include your telephone number, in your emails.

I am an authorized repair center for Omega watches, and can acquire almost any genuine part for Omega watches from case parts, to crystals, bezels, and bands; but If your watch is still under warranty from Omega, you should send it to Omega for repair.  If you have a question about repair of your Omega watch please do not hesitate to E-mail or call me (Stephen Thomas) with your questions. Calling and getting me in person or leaving a message on my machine is the most efficient.  Also it takes a good deal of time to answer your e-mailed questions, so do us a favor and turn off your spam blocker for my email address (which can be found by clicking the link contacting me at the top of the page) and please empty your mail box so my reply doesn't get sent back to me. When you leave a message on my answering machine please indicate what kind of watch you have (such as day-date, automatic, chronograph, what is wrong with your watch, and your telephone number. Stephen Thomas Quality Watch Repair (503) 239-1859.

Please do not E-Mail me asking me to sell parts as I do not sell parts. I only repair watches and jewelry and have a hard enough time finding parts for my own use.

Very Rough Price Guide. 

The prices that follow are only a very rough guide. When I have your watch in for repair, I will give a firm estimate for repair.

For a newer watch, generally less than ten years old, that does not have a day or date mechanism, is not a chronograph, and only tells time, cleaning and oiling starts at $280.00.

For watches older than ten years. cleaning and oiling generally starts at $320.00. Just because your omega watch is old does not mean it will cost this much though. I work with you, the customer, as to how you want your watch serviced.

The Omega Co-Axial watch has a completely different design than any other watch. For instance, the Co-Axial watch has three pallet stones instead of the traditional two pallet stones that other watches have. Cleaning and oiling, adjusting the time keeping, and general servicing is approached and done in a very different manner than cleaning and oiling any other watch. Specialized oils and equipment (available from Omega) are needed and a microscope must be used to aid in correctly oiling the escape wheel teeth. Having taken the Omega Co-Axial class, I possess the oils and special equipment required, and can properly clean and oil your Co- Axial watch.  

Omega Co-Axial cleaning and oiling generally starts at 360.00.

Chronograph watches that are overhauled  (cleaned and oiled, and adjusted) start at $340.00

These charges cover cleaning and oiling,  and a one year no-quibble warranty.

I have a one year no quibble warranty on all repair work.

Battery installation only is $20.00.

For estimating  repairs yourself  and  more information on watch repair, go to my main repair site and click on the mechanical watch repair link:

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Please click on this link to go to my main repair site:

These are some of the watches made famous by Omega: Omega Co-Axial, Omega Seamaster, Omega Seamaster professional, Omega Speedmaster,  Omega Professional Speedmaster. I can acquire genuine replacement parts for all of these watches including Genuine Omega leather watch bands, Omega watch buckles, Omega Constellation clasps, and Omega watch clasps.