Seiko Kinetic Charging Information

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Sorry - Because of a heavy work load, at this time I am only taking in watches that must be returned to me under my repair warranty. Check back after the February 22nd 2018.

I take a limited number of watches in for repair, and by mail only. There are some watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair, so please call me, Stephen Thomas at 503- 239-1859, before sending me any watch for repair. Calling me in person, or leaving a message on my answering machine, is the most efficient method for me. If you prefer to e-mail, please include your phone number. When sending me a watch, please complete and enclose the Sending Watch Form from my web site, even if you have sent me the watch for repair before. The link is below and says Sending Your Watch. When e-mailing turn off your spam blocker so my reply will get through.

                                                                     I do not sell parts, or do appraisals. Please do not ask.


Seiko Kinetic watches are designed with a special circuit that compensates for excess loads such as would be caused by gummy oil, dirt, or rust. When an excess load is encountered in your Kinetic watch, extra current is automatically sent through your Kinetic watch. The extra current will keep your watch running well past the time that it should be cleaned and oiled. The extra current consumed can also cause the capacitor to discharge so quickly that your activity cannot keep it charged. When I receive your Seiko kinetic watch for repair I hook it up to a specially designed meter that tells me the drain rate your watch has, if your watch has a high drain rate it will need to be cleaned and oiled, in addition to a new capacitor. I also visually inspect the gaskets, crown, and case for wear and make recommendations on their replacement also. If you have had a new capacitor installed in your watch and it starts to act the same as it did before the new capacitor was installed, you may need to have your watch cleaned and oiled also.

Important note about charging:

I have found that the new capacitors are so efficient compared to the older capacitors that the charging indicators do not properly register the watches charge. So do not be alarmed if your watch does not show the full charge you are used to.



Some of the Seiko models I repair:   Kinetic Auto Relay,  Kinetic GMT,  Kinetic Chronograph,   Seiko Kinetic Sports 100, Seiko Kinetic 5m42 Seiko Kinetic 5m43.