Tag Heuer Testimonial

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Sorry - Because of a heavy work load, at this time I am only taking in watches that must be returned to me under my repair warranty. Check back after the February 22nd 2018.

I take a limited number of watches in for repair, and by mail only. There are some watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair, so please call me, Stephen Thomas at 503- 239-1859, before sending me any watch for repair. Calling me in person, or leaving a message on my answering machine, is the most efficient method for me. If you prefer to e-mail, please include your phone number. When sending me a watch, please complete and enclose the Sending Watch Form from my web site, even if you have sent me the watch for repair before. The link is below and says Sending Your Watch. When e-mailing turn off your spam blocker so my reply will get through.

                                                                     I do not sell parts, or do appraisals. Please do not ask.


Dear Stephen

I just wanted to let you know that I received my Tag watch back safe and sound and looking and working just like new again !!

Thank you so much for your impeccable workmanship and you lovely customer service. I had such a wonderful experience dealing

with you 8 years ago so I searched high and low thru my emails to find your contact again hoping that you would still be doing

this work. Yet again you done a 5 star job !!! Thank you very much for your fast and efficient service as well as excellent communication

all along the way. I will very wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone I know who needs their watch

repaired (do you only do Tag now ?). Enjoy the Summer out West !

Kindest regards,


Hi Stephen!

My Tag Link Chrono arrived back today!┬  It amazes me the way you were able to restore it to pristine condition!┬  It looks better than when I bought it!┬  It is keeping perfect time and I couldn't be happier.┬  You'll have my business until you choose to retire.┬  Thank you for making this an exceptional holiday season! Thank you sooo much!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

James Sherrill!

Release Date: 12/17/16

Hi Stephen-

I got my Heuer back all safe and sound-

It looks terrific!  I appreciate that there are virtually no parts still available, and the job you did between restoration and refurbishment is perfect.  It's an old friend to me-we have a lot of years and a lot of miles together and now I'll be able to pass it on to my son who hopefully will do the same.
Rob Eiring
Mr. Thomas

Thank you for your great work on my Tag Heuer 4000 series. Running just like you said it 
would. All I can say is job well done. I appreciate the quick response to each phase of 
the repair process.  I'll definitely be doing business again with QWR.   Thanks.  Tom 
I wanted to let you know I received my watch over the weekend and can't tell you enough 
how much I appreciate getting this watch back in working order.  As so many others have 
posted on your website, I have to agree that I was skeptical about sending my watch to 
someone out of state but you made a believer out of me.

Thank You,
Tag Heuer 1000 980.613D watch
Many thanks for a job well done, I couldn't be happier with my Heuer watch.  From 
my stand point you operate a very well run organization.
When the times comes i'll gladly return the watch to your company for service. Again 
thank you. John Tullio

Dear Mr. Thomas,
I am completely happy with the service that you provided for my Heuer 510.501.  That includes your price for service, the time required and choices made available to me.  The watch was returned to me in great working order and I am enjoying it again.  I thank you sincerely and I will not hesitate to call upon you again should I need watch service in the future.
John Blackwood
Little Rock, AR
Dear Stephen,

I want to thank you for your excellent quality work on my Tag Heuer Aquaracer Automatic WAF2112. It looks as good as the day I bought it. I appreciate you bringing back my only piece of jewelry I ever treasured.

I got your name and website address from my friend Steve Barragar. After reading your website and your intructions on sending the watch, I have to admit I drove by your place of business first just to enhance my curiosity. The way you do business was very inviting and I felt like I got a hold of someone that will care more for my watch than I have in the past. It was an easy transaction and I knew everything up front and appreciated the excellent job and customer service. The hardest part of this transaction was getting the shipped container open!┬ 


Thanks Again,

Mike Cranswick
Stephen Thomas,

I have received my Tag Heuer watch and was pleasantly surprised. 
Considering how it looked before I sent it to you. I almost didn't think 
it was the same watch. The restoration work you performed was mind 
boggling. IT LOOKS and functions LIKE NEW!  I will defiantly refer any 
one I know that is in need of your services to you.

Thanks for your service,

On 3/24/2015 5:33 PM, 
Dear Stephen;

I have received my repaired vintage Tag Heuer 1000 Professional watch today and it is 
working perfectly.  I want to thank you for a truly exceptional experience in dealing 
with Quality Watch Repair.  Your professionalism and constant communication during 
shipment of the watch to you, the repair itself, and your return shipment to me made the 
entire process totally comfortable.  At no time did I have the all too common feeling of 
not knowing what was happening.  

In short, it was a delight doing business with you, and I unconditionally recommend your 
services to anyone that needs watch work done.

Thanks again.

John Gomez

PS Feel free to publish this if it will help.


Hi, Stephen,

The watch is superbů..looks and works like brand new. Thank you so much for your competence and attention to detail. I am so glad I found you. I definitely hope to send you more work.

All the best to you.


Sent: Friday, October 17, 2014 1:28 AM
Subject: Re: Tag Heuer Carrera Watch Repair



Stephen, another quality watch service, this time on my Tag Heuer super 2000 Chrono. after losing a gold pusher reset you were the only watchmaker to locate the part and repair the watch domestically. I was not willing to send it Switzerland for repairs as required Tag. The Watch being "vintage" no one was willing to attempt the repair with original parts, but you did. It looks and performs perfect. Thanks for the little extra services performed as well. In my opinion you are a highly skilled craftsman and come highly recommended. You are one of a very few individuals that offer a quality service at a fair value. 

Regards, Paul D. 
Vancouver WA.



My name is Nicole Depferd and I just wanted to thank you for repairing both of my Tag 
Heuer watches.  They are now in great working condition and I'm so happy with the 
service.  I appreciate your great communication and your updating me throughout the 
repair process.   I will certainly be contacting you for your services, should I need 
them again.

Thanks again,

Nicole Depferd
Mashpee, MA



Wanted to touch base and let you know that I received my Tag Heuer Professional 1000 in the mail today.  I received this watch as a Christmas present from my parents in 1988, and had not worn it in approximately 15 years.  A series of unpleasant experiences with jewelers/watch repair ôprofessionalsö here in Oklahoma left me with a non-running watch.  I was a bit hesitant to send my watch across the country to a person I did not know, but found the experience very satisfactory.  You answered every question I had, stayed in touch through email and even telephone, and performed the necessary repairs and refurbishment at the agreed to price in short order.  The watch arrived looking great, running smoothly and I am so pleased to be able to wear this timepiece again.  I appreciate your professionalism and attention to detail.  Happy holidays.


Edmond, Oklahoma


Just wanted to let you know that I have received my TAG watch in the mail
the other day.  Everything looks/works great.  Thank you for the quick
turnaround and overall service.  The experience was great...no complaints.

Todd Schmidt


  Thank you so much for repairing my fiancÚ's watch. The Tag watch was a special gift from her father that had broken a few years ago. I knew the watch was very special to her, so I am planning on giving her the repaired watch on our wedding day next weekend. Your fast response, quality service, and knowledge of the Tag watch was awesome. You were not the first company I sought out for the repair. The other two could not get the needed parts or would only send out to the manufacture for over 3xs the price.
Thank you for helping me make this special gift a reality,



You outdid yourself! I actually received my watch on Tuesday so it arrived in record time. It is absolutely beautiful; like new again. Thanks for the outstanding and "timely" work. You really treat my watches like they're your very own.

Happy Happy Happy.

Very respectfully, Al

On 5/9/2013 2:10 PM, Stephen P. Thomas wrote:
Dear Al, 

Repairs to your Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch have been completed and it is being posted out to you this afternoon by registered insured mail.


I received my watch earlier this week, and I want to thank you for your professional restoration of my Tag Heuer watch.  I know you do these types of restorations everyday, so it may not be a big deal to you, but to see years of wear and tear completely erased and to have my watch restored to look exactly like it did when it came out of the box brand new 15 years ago is a huge joy for me.  For some reason, I just prefer the design of my older Tag Heuer watch as compared to the new ones, so I didn't just want to go buy another watch.  It's sort of like a vintage car: a new car may have more bells and whistles, but for some people there's just something about the vintage cars that make the new ones pale by comparison.  My watch isn't really old enough to be "vintage," but it is old enough to have experienced a bit too much abuse.  I wear my Tag Heuer watch all the time, and now that it is restored, I will learn from my sins of the past and will definitely take better care of my watch and enjoy it for years to come.
Again, I would like to thank you for your personalized service and professionalism through the entire watch repair process.
-Rich Crompton
San Diego, CA



I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for repairing my watch under your warranty. 

I have worn it now for about a week, and have no issues with it at all.

As I have stated before, I am in the service business as well, and I know and understand how important the customer is. Your customer service is beyond reproach. You took the time to repair the watch, and also spent the extra time to keep the bezel in working order...something that was important to me, but I also understood that you might have had to glue it to secure it. You have no idea how much I appreciated your unique approach to keep the bezel functioning.

You have earned a dedicated customer. I own several Heuers, as well as Tag Heuers, and when they need serviced, you will be my first choice for service.

Thank you again for your great commitment to detail, and customer service.

Very respectfully,

Peter Wallace

Wed, Oct 17, 2012 at 7:05 PM, Stephen P. Thomas 
Dear Peter,

I have installed a new crown tube in your Tag Heuer Super Professional watch. We had also discussed the bezel on the watch being loose, and I had mentioned that I could glue the bezel down, a solution that you authorized me to do. However, thinking that it would be a shame to have to do this, I instead made several adjustments to the bezel hold-down spring, and the bezel is now holding well.


I received my watch in the mail this morning. I'm very impressed by the quality of your work and the professionalism and quality of your communications with me during this process.  The refinishing looks much better than I had expected.  Thank you so much!

Best regards,
Tue, Jun 19, 2012 at 7:53 PM
Dear Matthew,

Repairs to your Tag Heuer Kirium watch have been completed and it is being posted out to you tomorrow afternoon by registered insured mail.


Mr Thomas: Thank you for the great work you did on  my TH.  It runs like 
NEW!  No one here or at TH USA could fix it. The factory told me there were 
no parts for an old watch 22 years old and would not even want to see it. I 
am perfectly satisfied and thank you again....June 14th....Peter J Logerfo

Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 9:53 PM


Sending a very expensive watch to a company/person found via the internet
was very concerning to me. Sadly, all of the what if's come to mind. The
fear of, am I making the right decision sending this watch to someone I have
no knowledge of or possible recourse should there be a problem, weighed very
heavily on my mind.

All I can say is thank you for being exactly who you said you were and for a
job well done. I received word from my son shortly after he received his
watch that it "looks awesome".

Owning my own business, I know it is more common place to hear negative
reactions from customers than praise. I for one believe a word of thanks and
appreciation should never be not said.

Thank you for a job well done, all within the budget parameters you set and
mostly thank you for being an honest gifted person that did what he said he
was going to do.

I will be one that will speak highly of your service.

Thank you again for placing any of my concerns to rest.

Dave Patzer

PS: should you wish to use my email in your comment section, please feel
free to do so. 


Dear Stephen,
I just wanted to send you a short note to let you know that I received my watch in the 
mail a few weeks ago and am very pleased with it. I'd also like to take the time to 
express my appreciation not only for your quality of workmanship and timeliness, but also 
for your courteous correspondence and attention to detail. I wish you continued success 
and all the best this 2012.
Best regards,


William Aranha

On Dec 8, 2011


Hi Stephen,
Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how satisfied I am with your quick service and battery replacement on my Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch.  Your process worked just as described on the internet and I received my watch back more quickly than I expected.  I also appreciated the quick response to emails and thorough communication!  I highly recommend your service and will definitely be back when I need additional watch repair services.
Thanks, again!
Darin Marley


Dear Stephen,
I want to take a moment to thank you for the excellent workmanship and service you provided in the repair of my Tag Heuer Aquaracer.  The watch is running perfectly and the polishing exceeded my expectations.  

Throughout the process including several e-mails and at least one personal conversation you made certain we were both on the same page regarding the required service and the timeliness of both the work and shipping was good.

It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I will be in touch when my formula 1 is due for a cleaning.

Jeff Stephens
Central Arkansas


Wanted to send you a quick note of thanks regarding your repair of my Tag Heuer watch.  
It looks great, and the bezel is much improved in the way it feels (doesn't rotate so 
loosely).  I also appreciate your repairing it so quickly.  I'm glad to know where I can 
have my watch worked on locally - with fair prices and good service.


Matt Vuylsteke


Hi Stephen
     Just a quick note - Your service on my Tag Heuer Professional 6000 has far exceeded my expectations. The dial refinishing in Rolex Blue is absolutely gorgeous and the polishing of the case and bracelet is perfect. I was initially apprehensive about mailing my watch to an unknown party, but I now know I made the correct decision and am presently packing my Omega Seamaster for shipment to you. I am extremely satisfied with your service and professionalism and will recommend Quality Watch Repair to everyone.
                                                                                       Thanks so much
                                                                                        William DeMasi
                                                                                         New Jersey 



Mr. Thomas:

Thank-you for the repairs to my TAGHuer watch. At the onset I was a bit
apprehensive about sending it out to anyone based soley on internet site
advertising. However, you have proven to be truly great to deal with. Your
frequent communications about the repairs needed and status of the repairs
speaks to your dedication to customer service and satisfation. The watch
looks and runs like new even after 20 years.

Thanks again for the wonderful service.


Thom Green

Hi Stephen,
           My plans were to take the Tag for a maiden
voyage of one week.  I've decided to cut the voyage
short and return to "re-" port.  Below are some
comments regarding your recent repairs to my automatic
Tag Heuer.
   As they say, down our way, in the local "native"
vernacular "IT'S A MACKEREL"(MIRACLE)!!  To make a
long story shorter, after a consultation with my local
jeweler and his in-house "watch maker"(i.e. battery
changer) the consensus was that I would be better off
(probably) if I bought a nice "NEW" Quartz watch.  As
they explained, an "older mechanical watch" would have
to be sent off and not only would the repairs likely
be costly, but one of the "NEW WATCHES" would
certainly keep far better time and most probably be
less expensive than having my "old" watch repaired.
I apparently, however, lacked the skills(i.e. MODERN
THROW-AWAY MENTALITY) to fully appreciate the
soundness in their wisdom and sent my watch to you.
Seems to me a little like recommending to a Mercedes
owner, since the automobile is in need of its first
oil change, you might be better off trading for a Geo
Tracker, as they are easier to park.
    My "older" Tag Heuer is not only running
dependably again, but is a considerably more accurate
time piece than when it left the factory.  Now for the
"take home message".  If you have  a "top drawer"
watch and are somewhat reluctant to take it to just
any "watch maker"(i.e. battery changer), give Quality
Watch Repair a chance to work their magic-I don't
think you'll be disappointed.

    Dear Tommy,

Hi Stephen,

Let me begin by saying I *love* my Tag Heuer watch. When I lost a piece 
of the bracelet, I went all over town trying to find someone to do the 
repair as the shop who used to clean it had relocated 75 miles away. 
Finally I resorted to finding someone online. I have to admit, I had 
some trepidation about the possibility of packing up this watch and 
sending it to someone I had never even seen.

I want to thank you so much; the entire watch was cleaned, parts and 
battery replaced, and the bracelet repaired for less than a cost of a 
cleaning and battery replacement at Bailey, Banks and Biddle.

But, what I appreciated most was your wonderfully considerate contact 
with me.

You emailed me as soon as you received the watch.
You emailed me to tell me exactly what you would do, and how much it 
would cost.
You responded to my approval of the cost.
You emailed me when you shipped the watch.

I never once felt my watch was 'floating around' somewhere; I always 
knew exactly what stage you were in.

You are a true professional; the watch was returned in pristine 
condition--beautifully packed, and I will recommend you highly to anyone 
who needs watch repairs.

Thank you for such an unusually pleasant experience!

Deborah Magoon