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I take watches in for repair by mail only. There are some watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair, so please call me, Stephen Thomas, at 503- 239-1859 or e-mail me at to inquire about repair of your watch. For my address and a form to fill out for sending your watch, click on the Sending Your Watch link at the top of the page. When e-mailing, please include your phone number and turn off your spam blocker so my reply will get through.


I do not sell parts, or do appraisals. Please do not ask.


Greetings Stephen!

Was most pleased to receive the expertly repaired and carefully packed Gucci watch today.

It has been most satisfactory and dare I say 'enjoyable' working with you - your every communication has been prompt and informative, and of course the actual repair work was excellent!

I will most certainly keep good track of your business card for my own future needs, and recommend you to others with enthusiasm.

Peace & Good Health be with you,

Robert Hime
Redmond, WA - April 2008

P.S. You are most welcome to include these comments and my name/city in your advertising.


I received my Gucci watch today. I am so happy with my decision to send 
it to you for repair. It looked brand new and I have had it on all day. 
The clasp is holding great. The watch had been in need of repair for a 
long time so to me it's like getting a brand new watch in the mail. 
Thank you so much, I wish there were a way I could tell the world about 
the great watch work you did for me. I will leave you a positive review 
tomorrow on your web site.
Many thanks,
Debbie Wilson
PS. thanks for the new battery too!


I can't thank you enough for the beautiful job you did with my watch. It's absolutely gorgeous. Looks like a brand new watch.
So glad you enclosed extra cards I gave out one already today at work. I would recommend your work highly.
Very pleased to say the least. I love my watch again.
Will definitely use you again when in need of other watch repair. I do have an other older Gucci may want to send at an other time.
Thanks again for the great work. Fast & friendly e-mail replies & very fast service. Thanks, Laurie Morrone


Hello Stephen,

I just want to say thank you so very much for the excellent job you did on
my Gucci watch. I thought it was beyond repair being that I have had it for
over 10 years and wear it every single day. After our first conversation,
you had no idea how worn it was going to be when I sent it to you, but you
openly requested that I still send it to you after a very veg description
over the telephone and low and behold you came to my rescue. Most people
would not understand the value of this watch, but it has allot of
sentimental value to me and I am so happy with the job you have provided.
Not only did you replace parts and replated the case and bracelet but have
restored my watch to look better than new.

I can't thank you enough for the work you have provided for me but I hope
that the Lord will continue to bless your talents and your path.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Alice Avalos, Sales Manager
IMS - International Merchandising Services, Inc.
1928 West Malvern Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92833
Tel. # 714-578-6700 Ext. 12
Fax # 714-449-7950


I got my gucci watch back yesterday and it looks and works just great! 
Thank you so much for making a bad experience into a good one.

Deanna Molina


Dear Mr. Thomas:

The watch repair looks great...don't even have a clue which side the bad 
link was on after the repair.

Appreciate your timeliness and the quality of your work. The watch has a 
great sentimental value to me since it was a 10th anniversary gift a little 
over 10 years ago.

I would highly recommend you to anyone.


David D. Shockley
A Satisfied Customer

2006 7:49 PM


Hi Steve,
I did receive my watch,I picked it up at the post office yesterday.I just want to thank you again for
doing again,a great job in fixing my watch.As I`ve said before I know my watch is an older Gucci,but it
has alot of sentimental value behind it,and I just love the style.Thank-you again for taking the time to respond to my E-mails right away( that meant alot) and your professionalism throughout this whole matter.
I`m just so very glad I found you and if in the future my family needs a watch repaired I will contact you again.

Karen Sabia


Thank you so much! I have my watch on and it is staying latched! My $15 dollar replacement has retired. The watch arrived in todays mail all secure and ready to wear. Thank you for such promptness and handling my watch with care. Linn

Dear Linnea,

Repairs to your Gucci watch have been completed and it is being posted
out to you this afternoon by registered insured mail (insured for
$1,000). Please allow a week for delivery.



I received my Gucci watch today. Thank you so much for repairing it for me. It was just a fluke that I happened across your site during a Google search as I had searched for Gucci watch repair services several days before and only could find ones located back East. I did not really want to send it clear back there so was really happy with finding you closer.

Like most Gucci watch owners with this older model, there are more sentimental feelings with it than the actual watch itself. Because of those sentimental feelings I am doubly happy you were able to repair it. I will, and have already, told several people about your excellent repair work and would gladly recommend anyone in your direction.

Once again, THANK YOU for your excellent work!

Judie Meek
Othello, WA