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I do not have a walk-in shop and take watches in for repair by mail only. There are many watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair; so before sending me your watch, please phone or email me with a message detailing what kind of watch you have and what problems you are having with your watch. Please include your phone number so I can discuss the repair of your watch with you over the phone.

Contact me, Stephen Thomas, at 503- 239-1859 or I will get back to you within a day or two. If I have accepted your watch for repair, please complete this form and enclose it with your watch when you send it: Sending Watch Form

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Quality Watch Repair Rolex Start Page and Testimonials

In my opinion, Rolex truly deserves the quality reputation their name brings to mind. Rolex makes one of the finest mechanical watches, and I truly enjoy working on them.

The basic repair charge for a Rolex starts at $425.00. This is a general price and and usualy includes a part or two. The repair also includes a one year no-quibble warranty. I also work on older Rolex watches, the repair charge for Rolexes that are older than 30 years tends to cost more than the 425.00.

Rolex watch bands that appear to have stretched have not stretched, they have worn out. Dirt becomes imbedded in the soft gold, and acts like sandpaper, wearing out the stainless pins. I therefore recommend you buy a new Rolex watch band.

Genuine versus Generic parts:

I deal with reputable parts suppliers, these suppliers have been providing watch makers with quality genuine and generic parts for years. Having used the genuine and generic parts for at least thirty years I would say they are indistinguishable from each other. All of the parts that I would be using in your Rolex, although they do not come with the Official Rolex packaging, are quality parts that match or exceed the quality of identical Rolex parts and, in most cases cost less. If your watch needs a new crown that will be a genuine Rolex as the crown symbol on the crown is a Rolex trademark.

There are a lot of after market replacement parts made for Rolex watches. Most of them are very well made and will work fine on your Rolex watch. Rolex does not like you using these parts, and will call your watch a counterfeit watch and may even refuse to work on it without replacing the Non-genuine parts. The only problem I have encountered with after market parts is sometimes bezels are not exactly the correct size. When the crystal is not held in properly, your watch may not be as water resistant as it should be. I do not get or fit generic bezels for Rolex watches. There are some generic sapphire crystals made to replace the original Rolex plastic crystals. As I have not had good results with them, I do not use them in replacement of Rolex plastic crystals.

Rolex Testimonials

Hi Steve-

I got the Rolex in the mail on Friday.

You did your usual spectacular job on it. It looks as good as new. Thanks for all of the care and love you put into it. I can see that you went above and beyond, which shouldn't surprise me -- because it is what you always do. Still, I felt compelled to write because it is so unusual when it actually happens in this day and age.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and my best wishes to you and your family.

Jim Mason

Re: Rolex Datejust Watch Repair

From:Patrick Callahan

Sent: Thu, 11 Jun 2015 09:47:18 -0400


I'm very satisfied with all aspects of the repair work you completed on my Rolex watch. The communication, promptness, and quality of the work have all been excellent.


Jack Hardwicke

On Mar 18, 2015, at 01:17 PM,

Repairs to your Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date


Dear Stephen:

I received my Rolex last week and on unpacking it was immediately impressed

with your attention to improving the watch's appearance (very nice polish

job on the crystal, case and benzel).  When I received the watch, I wound

the mechanism and immediately began wearing it.  I used the WWV time service

to set the watch and have check time keeping each day since.  I am very

pleased to inform you that if nothing changes, the watch should gain less

than 30 seconds per month.  That is better than it has ever done in the

thirty years I have owned it.  

You were an absolute pleasure to do business with and I really appreciate

the quick turn around on the repair.  I will be giving you a phone call in

the next few days to see if you might be able to repair a couple of other

watches for me.  Please feel free to use me as a reference and to use this

e-mail on your web page if you wish.  I will certainly be recommending you

to friends and colleagues should one of them need a time piece repaired.

Best regards,

Dale Jackson


I had originally sent my Milgauss to the Rolex Repair Center in Dallas Texas for repairs. The watch had been torn off of my sons wrist in a mugging and when he gave chase the mugger threw it to the ground where it landed on the crown compressing one side of it to about one half of its original thickness and stopping the watch. Rolex upon cursory examination would not repair it unless I purchased an entirely new case frame, clasp and bracelet, the cost being roughly equivalent to a new watch. I then sent it to Stephen asking if he could make the repairs without having to replace the case frame, which he was able to accomplish. After removing the movement from the case Stephen determined that a new balance was needed but that one was not available to him as an independent watcher maker, he proceeded to manufacture the needed balance in house taking some four hours under a magnifier to accomplish the feat. He also had to modify a new case tube to replace the damaged one and hunt extensively for a new crown that would fit this timepiece. After all was said and done Stephen returned the watch in operating order, I wore it daily for a week and it gained a total of four seconds, I think it is actually more accurate now that it was when newly purchased.

I would recommend Stephen to anyone who has a timepiece that they want cleaned or repaired correctly and at a fair price. He is a true professional who kept me informed as the repairs progressed and will do whatever is humanly possible to get your timepiece back in working order. I will not hesitate to send any of the families other watches to Quality Watch Repair when the need arises. Please feel free to use this correspondence in any manner you deem appropriate.

Ken Dieter

Port Orchard WA


Dear Stephen,

I am thrilled to have found a watchmaker who “does it the right way” and doesn’t cut

corners. My 27-year-old Rolex was losing 4 minutes a month and it is now spot on, better

than when it was new.

I highly recommend your services and have already referred a number of my friends.

Thanks again.

Best regards,

Don Davis


Mr. Thomas,


My Rolex Air King arrived in good time and in good order. I have worn it for a few days and it keeps perfect time as it always did. Thank you for your fast, reasonable, and expert work. Your repair costs were less than half the estimate from my local Rolex dealer. It took some faith on my part to send out my watch, and I am very happy that I did. I would confidently recommend your shop for high end watch repairs. Feel free to use me as a reference for future customers.




John Tocornal

New York, USA



I just wanted to send you an e-mail, to once again say thank you for repairing my Rolex watch (this time the crystal); and for covering it under your warranty which is truly “no quibble”. I appreciate the fact that you looked at several different parts that were available, and made the best choice for my watches particular application; and for doing business the way business should be done. Please feel free to use me as a reference at any time.


Jerry Hanford

Tigard, OR

Dear Stephen,

I want to thank you for your great job fixing my old rolex. I am very fond
of this watch and tried to have it fixed at 3 different shops in San Diego.
The last watch repair shop actually sent the watch to Rolex in New York for
repair. They sent it back saying that they do not have replacement parts
for a watch that old. I believe the watch is from the 1920's. The watch
shop recommended that I replace the movement with a modern quartz movement.

Finding you on the internet was great since I would never replace the
movement with a quartz movement. The watch is working beautifully!! You
also seem to have solved my problem with the crystal being loose from the

I have to admit it was quite scary sending my treasured watch to someone I
never met before. I am completely satisfied with your work. You met your
time and cost estimates and replied very quickly to my email messages and
phone calls. I would be happy to be a reference for you. 

Best regards,

Sandy Lewis
Encinitas, California

Dear Keith,

Repairs to your Tudor Princess Oysterdate watch have been completed and 
it is being posted out to you this afternoon by registered insured mail. 
Please allow several days for delivery.

The dial came back from the refinishers in more of an off-white rather 
than the champagne color that I had requested. I am hoping that it will 
be acceptable to you, but please let me know if it is not.

Thank you,
Stephen Thomas
Quality Watch Repair

Dear Stephen,

The Tudor arrived home safely this morning and my wife is overjoyed with the results as am I. I was
also extremely please with the bill which was about half what I had expected. Your business card is
safely ensconced in our file to be used when the next watch repairs are needed. I will also
recommend you to anyone who is in need.

Thanks again for your excellent service.

Keith Hallberg


Dear Stephen, Thanks for the update. I assume that the "bit of something" wasn't a bit of the watch's "works". Must have resulted from some corollary of Murphy's Law! By the way, my Rolex President, that you just returned to me, looks and runs great.! I greatly appreciate your care and craftsmanship. As always, thanks so much. Jim Ferguson

Stephen P. Thomas wrote: > Dear Jim,

I have removed a small bit of something that was lodged in the center

seconds wheel teeth of your Rolex Submariner watch. There will be no

charge for this repair above the basic $20.00 return shipping charge,

and your watch will be posted back to you tomorrow by registered

insured mail.

Thank you,

Stephen Thomas

Quality Watch Repair


Dear Stephen,


Well, you've really done it this time! My Rolex is about as perfect as
one could imagine. It keeps highly accurate time during the day and
requires very little regulation at night when it's taken off.


In checking several times during the day against my computer clock, I
have found it within a second most times, and it has never gone more
than three seconds out after I've had an unusually active day.

Not only does it keep accurate time, but many have commented how good it
looks. Not bad for a repaired Rolex that's about forty years old.

Many thanks, Stephen, for your good work. Feel free to use this message
as a highly favorable recommendation.

All the best,



Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the repair work
you did on my Rolex. Not only does it run fine now, but the cleaning and
replacement of the crystal make it look like a new watch. Thanks for the
great job.


 Dear Tim,


 Thank you for authorizing the repairs to your Rolex Oyster watch,
 including replacement of the crystal. I will proceed with the work
 and will let you know when it is completed and your watch is ready
 to be posted back to you. You may then telephone or email me with
 your credit card details.


 Thanks again,
 Stephen Thomas
 Quality Watch Repair



Please proceed with the repair and replace the crystal as well. Let me know
when you are done and I will call you with a credit card number if that is

Dear Tim,

I have now had a chance to examine your Rolex Oyster watch and have an
estimate of the cost of repair for you. The watch requires cleaning and
oiling, and the installation of a new mainspring and gaskets. The cost
of this work would be $240.00. If you would also like to have a new
crystal installed, the cost would be an additional $64.00, for a total
of $304.00. I note that you have already remitted $22.00 for return
shipping by registered post, insured for $1,500.00.

Please let me know if you wish me to proceed with the work at this
costing, and whether or not you would like me to replace the crystal.
Should you decline to have the work done, your watch will be immediately
posted back to you by registered insured mail, subject only to the basic
$20.00 diagnostic and return shipping fee.

Thank you,
Stephen Thomas
Quality Watch Repair



Thanks very much for the fine quality repair to my Rolex datejust! Despite being nearly 20 years

old, it looks like new and functions perfectly! Thanks again.


John D. Regan, M.S., SPHR
Director-Human Resources
Career Education Corporation



Please be advised that I received my Rolex Tudor today. Not only was I impressed with the watch actually running and keeping excellent time I was also impressed with the condition you returned the watch. It looks brand new!.. Thanks for the excellent job and understand I will recommend you for to all my friends.

Best Regards,

Ed Peek


Dear Stephen,

I received my Rolex Oyster Perpetual last Saturday and I am very pleased
with the results. It is great to have my watch in running order again.
It cleaned up very well and the self winder now works. As I mentioned
this was my father's watch and I was not sure it was repairable since it
had sat in a drawer for years. Thanks for putting it back in good
condition. Your communication during the repair was very good also.




Please feel free to use this on your web site if you choose to do so.



I just received my Tudor Submariner back and am thrilled. I thought I had killed it for good by leaving the crown open in the pool, but you have brought it back to life. It looks like the same watch I bought 13 years ago - clean and fresh! I have already referred you to a number of friends. I really appreciated your professionalism, honesty and clear communication during the repair process.

Thanks again.

With best regards.

Rob Jackson
Raleigh, NC



Thank you very much for repairing my Rolex GMT. I realize now that I have neglected the routine maintenance for about 18 years, but your efforts have restored it to “New conditions.” It is uncommon in today’s world for someone to deliver exactly what they advertised as you have, and I am grateful for it. I also appreciate your professionalism and patience with return shipping after my emergent move to Louisiana. My watch had lost its luster over the years, but now it looks “new.”

You will see may watch again for the next scheduled cleaning and oiling.

Randy Womack

River Bend Station

Outage Manager


hello stephen,

you recently repaired and serviced my husband ian's omega seamaster watch, and we were so pleased with the job! the watch looks like new. we were very worried that the water inside had ruined it, and ian couldn't be more happy that he's able to keep his old watch in such great condition.

thanks again,
erin and ian arlow


Hi Mr. Thomas
I received my Rolex today and am very pleased to have it back and even more pleased with the great work you did on the watch and also the band. It looks like you saw the little problem with the band and just fixed it. That was a very nice of you. I have to tell you it was not easy sending the watch in the mail and hoping for the best. I know now I got the best and will give your name to anyone that needs a good watch repairman.

Thank You again
Sincerely Tom Keblish