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I take watches in for repair by mail only. There are some watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair, so please call me, Stephen Thomas, at 503- 239-1859 or e-mail me at to inquire about repair of your watch. For my address and a form to fill out for sending your watch, click on the Sending Your Watch link at the top of the page. When e-mailing, please include your phone number and turn off your spam blocker so my reply will get through.


I do not sell parts, or do appraisals. Please do not ask.


I am an authorized repair center for Seiko Kinetic watches, and can acquire almost any genuine part for newer Seiko Kinetic watches from case parts, to crystals, bezels, and bands; but If your watch is still under warranty from Seiko, you should send it to Seiko for repair. If your Seiko Kinetic watch is older than twenty years I can probably still repair it, but new parts might not be available. If you have a question about repair of your Seiko Kinetic  watch please do not hesitate to E-mail or call me (Stephen Thomas) with your questions. Calling and getting me in person or leaving a message on my machine is the most efficient.  Also it takes a good deal of time to answer your e-mailed questions, so do us a favor and turn off your spam blocker for my email address (which can be found by clicking the link contacting me at the top of the page) and please empty your mail box so my reply doesn't get sent back to me. When you leave a message on my answering machine please indicate what kind of watch you have (such as day-date, automatic, chronograph, what is wrong with your watch, and your telephone number. 

Quality Watch Repair Portland, Oregon 

Stephen Thomas, Owner  1-503 239 1859

Please, before sending your watch in for repairs, E-mail or call me with details as to the type of repairs your watch might need. I then do not end up with a lot of  un-repairable watches in my safe, and you do not waste your time or money either.

 Please use your refresh button, as the information on this site may have changed.

     I work out of my house and do not have a retail shop. That means you will have to mail your watches to me for repair, yes even if you are local. For a form to send with your watches, Please click on 'Sending Your Watch' at the top of the page. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.


 If you have a question about repair of your Seiko watch please do not hesitate to E-mail or call me (Stephen Thomas) with your questions. Also it takes a good deal of time to answer your e-mailed questions, so do us a favor and turn off your spam blocker for and please empty your mail box so my reply doesn't get sent back to me. Leave a message on my answering machine indicating what kind of watch you have, what is wrong with your watch, and your telephone number. Stephen Thomas Quality Watch Repair (503) 239-1859.

  Please do not E-Mail me asking me to sell parts as I do not sell parts. I only repair watches and jewelry and have a hard enough time finding parts for my own use.

When I took a class in Seiko Kinetic repair, I was informed by the Seiko representative that the newer lithium ion rechargeable batteries are designed to last much longer than the old style capacitors. Seiko estimates they will last at least eight years. Unfortunately just because the lithium rechargeable battery lasts for eight years does not mean your watch will not need maintenance. I have found some watch repairers just replace the capacitor and the back gasket in your watch without checking for other problems. It is true, that if just the capacitor and the back gasket is replaced, the price of repair can appear to be inexpensive. It is also true that most Kinetic watches just need a new capacitor, to run. But consider this, usually by the time your capacitor needs replacing, the gasket in the crown, and the pusher button gasket in addition to the back gasket also need replacing. I thoroughly examine your watch and use a meter that checks for correct functioning of your watch, such as does your watch need more than a capacitor, like new gaskets or cleaning and oiling. I will give you a firm estimate on any repairs your kinetic watch might need.

Regarding the Capacitor replacement: The lithium ion rechargeable battery I use in your kinetic watch is supplied by Seiko and is the proper replacement part for whatever model Kinetic watch you have.  Both the old style Capacitor and the newer Lithium battery store electrical energy, they just do it in a different way. The Lithium battery has a lot more capacity then the capacitor it is replacing so you will be able to go for longer periods without wearing your watch, once it is charged fully. 

I have most parts for Seiko Kinetic watches in stock, so the turn around time for most repairs is about one week

 I have a one year no quibble warranty which covers a new capacitor if the one I installed proves to be defective.

Click here for an easy to use form to use in sending me your watch

Click here for information on Seiko Kinetic charging problems 

Capacitor replacement costs 68.00 dollars. The 68.00 dollars covers capacitor replacement, cleaning the case and band, light polishing of the case and band, and a new back gasket. Restoring band and case finishes is a very time consuming and detailed job, especially if your watch has had rough use. So more than just light polishing will be estimated separately. 

 The gaskets in your watch do wear out and do need replacing for water resistance. The crystal gasket is nylon and is usually good for at least eight years. The gasket in your crown and pusher buttons is rubber. These gaskets are also generally good for at least eight years. If you take your watch in the shower, the hot water and soap will quickly comprise the rubber gaskets in the crown, pusher buttons, and back. The mentioned gaskets should then be replaced about every two years. The nylon crystal gasket does hold up better and will probably give you at least five years under these conditions.   

About ten percent of the Seiko Kinetic watches I receive require cleaning and oiling in addition to the new capacitor replacement. Cleaning and oiling is around $130.00 to180.00. If you have noticed moisture in your watch, or hear a grinding noise your watch may need cleaning and oiling or the magnetic rotor replaced. 

Winding rotor is $42.00, and a magnetic rotor is $56.00

Crystals depending on style, glass or plastic $40.00 to $80.00

Restoring band and case finish is usually between $22.00 to $60.00

Sapphire crystals $102.00

New Crown gasket $14.00 (not lubing, but a new gasket)

New Pusher button gasket $12.00 (not lubing, but a new gasket)

Crowns $34.00 to $48.00 (this includes a new gasket)

Pressure test $20.00  Most Kinetic watches do not need a pressure test.  A pressure test is almost always, only required for diver watches.

Cyclonic cleaning is not actual cleaning, cyclonic cleaning consists of putting your watch in a high voltage electrical field. The electric field makes the hands run around. Using the Cyclonic machine is very useful if you are changing out watch batteries, as sometimes the watch has been sitting for awhile and just needs a jump start. However, I do not feel that Cyclonic cleaning is something that is useful for Kinetic watches. In my opinion, if your Kinetic watch has enough dirt, gummy oil, or rust in it that it will not run properly, just Cyclonic cleaning will not solve the problem. Your watch will probably need to be taken apart and cleaned and oiled ($130.00 to 180.00). 

All my work comes with  a one year no quibble warranty

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