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I take a limited number of watches in for repair, and by mail only. There are some watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair. My repair services are very much in demand, and I have been having to close my business quite often, as I quickly get too many watches in to repair in a timely manner. In an effort to better control my workload, I am requesting that you email or telephone me for a link that has my address, and a form to be filled out to accompany your watch.

If you have a question about repair of your watch, please do not hesitate to call or email me, Stephen Thomas, at 503- 239-1859 or (Include your phone number) with your questions. Calling me in person, or leaving a message on my answering machine, is the most efficient way of getting hold of me. If emailing, please include your phone number in your email and turn off your spam blocker so my reply will get through. I will get back to you within several days.

                                                             I do not sell parts or do appraisals. Please do not ask.

Quality Watch Repair Seiko Kinetic Start Page and Testimonials

I am an authorized repair center for Seiko Kinetic watches, and can acquire almost any genuine part for Seiko Kinetic watches from case parts, to crystals, bezels, and bands. If your watch is still under warranty from the Seiko Corporation, you should send it to Seiko for repair. If your Seiko Kinetic watch is older than twenty years I can probably still repair it, but new parts might not be available.

Seiko Corporation link: http:///

When I took a class in Seiko Kinetic repair, I was informed by the Seiko representative that the newer lithium ion rechargeable batteries are designed to last much longer than the old style capacitors. Seiko estimates they will last at least eight years. Unfortunately, just because the lithium rechargeable battery lasts for eight years does not mean that your watch will not need maintenance. I have found that some watch repairers just replace the capacitor and the back gasket in your watch without checking for other problems. Often by the time the capacitor needs replacing, the gaskets in the crown and the pusher buttons, in addition to the back gasket, also need replacing. I thoroughly examine your watch and use a meter that checks for correct functioning in order to determin if your watch needs more than a capacitor, such as new gaskets or cleaning and oiling. I will give you a firm estimate on any repairs your watch may need.

Regarding the capacitor replacement: the lithium ion rechargeable battery I use in your Kinetic watch is supplied by Seiko and is the proper replacement part for whatever model Kinetic watch you have. Both the old style capacitor and the newer lithium battery store electrical energy, they just do it in a different way. The lithium battery stores much more energy than the capacitor it is replacing, so your watch will run longer without being worn once it is fully charged.

I have most parts for Seiko Kinetic watches in stock, so the turn-around time for most repairs is about one week.

My work carries a one year no-quibble warranty, which covers a new capacitor if the one I installed proves to be defective.

Click here for information on Seiko Kinetic charging problems

Capacitor replacement costs $68.00. This covers capacitor replacement, cleaning the case and band, light polishing of the case and band, and a new back gasket. Restoring band and case finishes is a very time-consuming and detailed job, especially if your watch has seen rough use. If your watch requires more than a light polishing, this will be estimated separately.

The gaskets in your watch do wear out and do need replacing for water resistance. The crystal gasket is nylon and is usually good for at least eight years. The gasket in your crown and pusher buttons is rubber. These gaskets are also generally good for at least eight years. If you take your watch in the shower, the hot water and soap will quickly comprise the rubber gaskets in the crown, pusher buttons, and back. The mentioned gaskets should then be replaced about every two years. The nylon crystal gasket does hold up better and will probably give you at least five years under these conditions.

About ten percent of the Seiko Kinetic watches I receive require cleaning and oiling in addition to the new capacitor replacement. Cleaning and oiling is around $130.00 to180.00. If you have noticed moisture in your watch, or hear a grinding noise your watch may need cleaning and oiling or the magnetic rotor replaced.

Winding rotor is $42.00, and a magnetic rotor is $56.00

Crystals depending on style, glass or plastic $40.00 to $80.00

Restoring band and case finish is usually between $22.00 to $60.00

Sapphire crystals $102.00

New Crown gasket $14.00 (not lubing, but a new gasket)

New Pusher button gasket $12.00 (not lubing, but a new gasket)

Crowns $34.00 to $48.00 (this includes a new gasket)

Pressure test $20.00  Most Kinetic watches do not need a pressure test.  A pressure test is almost always, only required for diver watches.

Cyclonic cleaning is not actual cleaning, cyclonic cleaning consists of putting your watch in a high voltage electrical field. The electric field makes the hands run around. Using the Cyclonic machine is very useful if you are changing out watch batteries, as sometimes the watch has been sitting for awhile and just needs a jump start. However, I do not feel that Cyclonic cleaning is something that is useful for Kinetic watches. In my opinion, if your Kinetic watch has enough dirt, gummy oil, or rust in it that it will not run properly, just Cyclonic cleaning will not solve the problem. Your watch will probably need to be taken apart and cleaned and oiled ($130.00 to 180.00).

All my work comes with a one year no quibble warranty

Dear Mr. Thomas:

I received my Seiko kinetic early this week and want to thank you for restoring it to

'like-new' condition; it's so nice to have it back on my wrist!

My local jeweler gave me the address of  Coserv in New Jersey, saying that he did not

service Seiko kinetic watches.  I googled Coserv and was appalled by the horror stories

from dissatisfied customers.  Luckily when I googled "Seiko kinetic watch

repair" your business came up near the top of the search.

I am very satisfied with my experience with Quality Watch Repair – your website, email

responses, updates on timelines and cost, and follow-through with the actual repair and

return were all quite professional.  I am very pleased to have had a professional, like

yourself, do the work rather than a factory service center such as Coserv.

Best regards.

Rich Ajeska

Carmel, CA










Subject: Re: Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair

Date: Sun, 14 Oct 2001 21:29:42 -0400


To my surprise, I received my Seiko on Saturday. It looks and works like it did

the day I bought it. I cant thank you enough for the excellent craftsmanship and

unmatched customer service. As I stated in previous emails, I was in no hurry to

get my watch back, I just wanted to be sure that the watch would be fixed on the

first try. There is nothing more frustrating than having to make multiple

shipments when having something repaired.  You sure held up to your commitments

when estimating the cost and time to repair. The watch arrived in less than 30

days and the cost was extremely reasonable. Again, I cant thank you enough for

the great work. I would recommend your services to anyone in need of high

quality work , with outstanding customer service at very reasonable costs.

The Tag I was wearing while you were fixing the Seiko Kinetic is going back in

the drawer. Its good to have the Seiko back.

Great Job!!!!!

Tom Broskey


Hi Stephen,

I received my Seiko Kinetic yesterday.  It keeps time and retains the charge

just like new.  After having sent to the "factory" by a jeweler and it still

wouldn't work properly I had given up on the watch until I encountered your

web site.  I now have my watch back on my wrist, looking and working great!

Thank you for your skillful and courteous service,

Gene Kusche

Manitowoc, WI


The watch was better than it was new and looks like new.  It was all done


a timely manner at a fair price.  Thank you for always being on top of

things and answering our questions immediately.  We wished to have the watch

back in time for our trip and we had it in our hands a few days prior.  You

did a great job.  Thank you again for all your efforts.

Bob Moyer


Dear Mr. Thomas:

The watch arrived this morning in less time than promised.  It now functions perfectly.

It takes a leap of faith to send a valuable watch to an unknown person half a country away, prepay for repairs on the hope that all will be completed as hoped for.  The faith was more than rewarded.  Questions I asked about the repairs and condition of the watch were cheerfully and professionally answered.

I wish I could have been able to say the same about sending another Seiko Kinetic to Seiko in New Jersey.

Thanks again,

David Freligh

409 W. Court Ave.

Winterset, IA 50273

Dear Stephen,

It has just about been a year since the repair and return of my Seiko watch and I wanted to drop you a note saying it is running as well today as when I received it last year. Again, I want to thank you for your craftsmanship in the repair of the watch, fair pricing, and exceptional business ethics.. Rare and hard-to-find in today’s business world..

Happy Holidays,


Douglas K. Gill

Stockton Calif.


Subject: RE: watch repair

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 07:47:49 -0500

Received my watch back late last week and it appears to be working fine now.

Your service and timeliness were excellent!


Charles Townson


Mr. Thomas, I have received my Seiko Kenetic watch after you repaired it for

me. The watch is working perfectly, just as you said it would.

Your profesional attention to service is very much appreciated.

The promptness of your service exceeded my expectations.

Thank you again

John Mizer




I did buy that charger and it was the YT012, so I definitely got a bargain.  I had to put it on the charger a couple of times

and it recharged my watch.  I haven't had it on the charger for over a week and it is still keeping the charge.

So I guess that was all the problem.  Wasn't dirty.  Plus I don't work in an environment that would cause a lot of sweat and

dirt to get in the watch.  Thanks for all the input and information.  Really appreciate it and when I need any other watch repair

I will be sure to contact you.  I have also mentioned your service/company to others with high praise.

You do excellent work and have a very quick turn-around.  I can't offer enough praise on your services.

Keep up the great work.

Again thanks,

Larry Oden


Stephen Thomas,


Thank you so much for repairing my Seiko Kenetic Watch.  Your prompt service returned my watch to me in two weeks from the time I mailed it to you until the time I received it fully functional.  It might have been faster had I checked my emails more often.  Anyway, I just wanted to write to say thanks.


Sandy Scott

Satisfied Customer



Thank you for the quality repair on my Seiko kinetic! I was very impressed

with the <2 week turn around time, and how you kept me updated throughout

the process. I was also very impressed with how clean my watch was when I

got it back! I will highly recommend you to any of  my friends who are in

need of a watch repair!


Sent: Sunday, July 10, 2005 11:49 PM

Subject: Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair



        I received my watch last week and couldn't be more pleased with

the service - fast, I was kept fully informed, and it was reasonably

priced. I will be sending you my Bulova shortly.


Bruce E. Lasswell

Senior Operations Research Analyst



Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2005 6:19 AM

To: Lasswell, Bruce (DORRA)

Subject: Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair


Dear Stephen:

I appreciate your communication throughout the repair.  I regret taking so

much of your time on such a small repair.  You are building a great

business. I have a friend who buys old wristwatches (expensive) I am going

to recommend you if he wants work done.  I value your integrity.

Thanks again, the watch looks great.  It feels like you cleaned it.  The

movement to charge the internal components seems more pronounced.  Maybe my



John Spray  (Seiko Kinetic


Dear Stephen,


I would like to thank you again for your quality work in repairing my Seiko Kinetic watch.

I am very pleased with the new capacitor and bezel, along with all the new gaskets.  I'm

sure I'll be trouble free for the next ten years or so.


I would highly recommend you to anyone who as a similar watch as this is the second

time I've used your services and I tell my family and friends to let you do their watch



I like the way you contact me to say you've received my watch and then how well you

package the watch for return by Registered Mail.


Your repairs are done in a timely fashion and the watch looks beautiful when it is

returned to me.




D. Hill


Stephen Thomas,

My father recieved his watch today. I cannot thank you enough for such an

excellent job! He is delighted. The clarity of the crystal, the fact that

it glows in the dark like it should, the restored shine to the entire

watch and most importantly the fact that it works when he thought it never

would again all make for one very happy man. As he is quite unassuming but

very particular, it also makes for one very happy daughter. Thank you for

the wonderful Father's Day gift.


Stephen Thomas
Quality Watch Repair


Dear Stephen,


Thank you very much for your prompt repair and return of my Seiko Kinetic watch.   Although we are almost a continent apart your "same day" e-mail replys and rapid repair service made it seem that we are in the same town.


The watch is keeping excellent time and is performing as you predicted it would.


I would AND WILL recommend your service to family and friends that need responsive and quality watch repair.


Very sincerely,


Bill Rich


Dear Stephen
Thanks for the beautiful repair job on my watch.
It arrived a few days ago, but I was down with the flu and this is the first
I have had a chance to email.
I had been told by a jewelry store that the whole band would have to be
replaced and that any other repairs would necessitate the watch going back
to Seiko or a place here in Mahwah, NJ.
I am very glad I chose you.
Warmest Regards and Thanks again.
Rev. Gerard A. Ball

-----Original Message-----
From: Stephen P. Thomas
Sent: Thursday, December 13, 2007 2:15 PM
To: gerard ball
Subject: Re: Seiko Kinetic Watch Repair Estimate

Dear Gerry,

Thank you for authorizing the repair of your Seiko Kinetic watch. I will
proceed with the work, and will let you know when it is completed and
your watch is ready to be posted back to you. In the meantime, please
feel free to contact me at any time should you have any questions or
concerns. I will also let you know when your check arrives.

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