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I take watches in for repair by mail only. There are some watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair, so please call me, Stephen Thomas, at 503- 239-1859 or e-mail me at to inquire about repair of your watch. For my address and a form to fill out for sending your watch, click on the Sending Your Watch link at the top of the page. When e-mailing, please turn off your spam blocker so my reply will get through.

I do not sell parts. Please do not ask.



When sending me your watch(es), please do not send your watch in a box that must be returned to you, wrap it in lots of padding. Include a check, money order, or plastic authorization, made out to Q.W.R. for $20.00. The twenty dollars covers diagnosis, return shipping for up three regular size watches, and insurance of five hundred dollars. If you require more than $500.00 insurance on return shipping, add $1.00 for each $500.00 insurance more than the initial $500.00. 

Here in Portland Oregon we used to be able to recycle almost any plastic, but the main buyer of plastic scrap from the West coast (China) has stopped buying plastic. So, in an effort to cut down on waste, all customers who package their watches without the use of plastic materials (newspaper in a cardboard box works very well for most watches) will receive a $5.00 discount on any repair you authorize.

Your Watch will be shipped back to you by Registered insured mail with an signature required.

Also include your shipping address, a phone number with a message machine, an e-mail address, and a note describing what happened to the watch and/or it's symptoms; for example, "Ever since little Jimmy opened the back, it has been running fast."

Also be advised that the watches I have received with the worst packaging have been from the do-it-for-you shipping services.

Click here for an easy to use form to use in sending me your watch

No repairs,  will be done until an estimate is approved.

I have a one year no quibble warrantee and I require payment in full before I ship  watches back to you.

Thank you in advance for your business.