Please contact me first (preferably by telephone (503) 239-1859) before sending any watch to me.

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  My hours are Tuesday to Friday from around 11:00 to 5:00. I do not have a walk up shop and I no longer take watches in person;  so please be aware that, even if you live in the Portland area, you will need to mail your watch to me. Details for doing so may be found by clicking on the sending your watch link at the top of my website.

If you are in the Portland area and your watch just needs a battery, or band adjustment, I suggest you call Klein Jewelers (downtown on Washington Street, tel: 503 226-6748) or Batteries Plus (NE Broadway, tel: 503 546-4962). If you do not want to mail your watch to me, and are outside the Portland area you should contact AWCI (American Watch/Clockmaker Institute tel: 866 367-9800) for a referral to another watchmaker.

Many watches are not cost-effective to repair, have worn-out parts, or parts that are not available. So please, before sending any watches, e-mail or call first to discuss the problems you are having with your watch or watches. Please give details as to the make and model and what repairs may be required. I also require that the Sending Watch Form from my website be filled out and enclosed with each watch you send. The link for forms you can fill out is at the top of the page (the Sending Your Watch link).

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