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I do not have a walk-in shop and take watches in for repair by mail only. There are many watches that I cannot acquire parts for, or that are too worn out to repair; so before sending me your watch, please phone or email me with a message detailing what kind of watch you have and what problems you are having with your watch. Please include your phone number so I can discuss the repair of your watch with you over the phone.

Contact me, Stephen Thomas, at 503- 239-1859 or I will get back to you within a day or two. If I have accepted your watch for repair, please complete this form and enclose it with your watch when you send it: Sending Watch Form

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                                                               I do not sell parts or do appraisals. Please do not ask.

Quality Watch Repair Tag Heuer Watch Repair Start Page and Testimonials

I am an authorized repair center for Tag Heuer watches. I can acquire genuine parts for repair of almost any Tag Heuer watch, including chronographs. If your watch is still under warranty from Tag Heuer, you should send it to Tag Heuer for repair. If your Tag Heuer watch is older than fifteen years, I can probably still repair it, but new parts might not be available.

Regarding parts: I have an account with Tag Heuer that allows me to buy genuine Tag Heuer parts and install them in your watch. The account I have with them does not allow me to sell parts, so I regret that if I do not have your watch in for repair, I cannot provide you with parts. This includes bands, bezels, and band links.

Recently, Tag Heuer has stopped supplying parts for their Caliber S, CAV, and WAV watches. Tag Heuer requires that these watches be sent directly to them for repair. As well, many parts for the WE, WG, and WS series have also been discontinued, so please ask before sending your watch.

When you look on the back of your Tag Heuer watch, you will find a model number. If that number starts with 984, 964, 980, or 974, all parts for these models have been discontinued. I regret, therefore, that I cannot provide bezels, original crowns, watch bands, or links for your watch. Many parts for the movements are still available, and I can usually fit generic crystals and generic crystal gaskets. I can often fit generic crowns (the generic crown looks like the original crown without the Tag Heuer logo), get your watch running, and make it water resistant again.

Once I have examined your watch, I will give you a firm estimate for any parts required. To assist you in estimating the cost of these parts, below is a very general price guide:

Pressure testing is $20.00.

Battery replacement is $20.00 dollars

Ladies' two-tone watch band, $750.00; stainless, $475.00; yellow, $835.00

Men's two-tone watch band, $850.00; stainless, $574.00; yellow, $935.00 

Ladies' watch band link: yellow, $84.00; stainless, $46.00

Men's watch band link: yellow, $94.00; stainless, $56.00

Pusher buttons installed, $160.00

Bezels (the ring around the crystal): prices vary greatly model to model. You will probably be paying at least these base prices: stainless, $160.00; yellow (gold plate), $180.00; plastic, $85.00. Some bezels can cost as much as $950.00.

Crowns and tube (the knob you set the time and date with, and the tube it screws onto): $180.00 (this includes the gasket)

Soldering a broken or worn-out band link with gold or silver solder: $60.00

Crown gasket, $46.00; pusher gaskets, $48.00 each; back gasket, $18.00

Crystal gaskets installed are usually $120.00

Mechanical Chronograph watches that are overhauled (cleaned and oiled, and adjusted to top notch function) start at around $420.00.

Battery Chronograph watches that are overhauled (cleaned and oiled and adjusted to top notch function) start at around $220.00.

Tag Heuer Link Professional 200M Chronograph  (cleaned and oiled, and adjusted to top notch function) 480.00

Tag Heuer Monza Automatic Chronograph (cleaned and oiled and adjusted to top notch function) 640.00

Tag Heuer Carrera Stainless Chronograph Watch (cleaned and oiled and adjusted to top notch function) 640.00

I have been a customer of   Quality watch repair for over 10 years. I am a collector of   high end watches. 

Stephen has worked on a number of my watches throughout the years. Brands include Rolex, Omega    Breitling, Sinn. Tag Heuer 

His work is outstanding and attention   to detail second to none. All of my watches that I sent to him were either repaired or completely refurbished with outstanding results . 

He charges a fair price for the work he performs and I would recommend him if you want your watches fixed right. 

Thank you for your friendship and service. 

Paris Varin     --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dear Stephen,

Thank you for repairing my Tag Heuer Grand Carrera Calibre 8 automatic chronometer for me.   I am very happy with my experience working with you and the watch looks as if it si brand new once again! Your service was really outstanding and extremely fair ($$)  too.   I have become somewhat attached to my watch, wearing it daily - so when I started researching who I wanted to work on my watch for was a difficult decision.   With all of the fine recommendations available on your website, yelp, etc - I was of course concerned due to the nature of online relations.... but, you had such a detailed and specific set of requirements - it seemed to me that you were the man I could trust to work on my watch.   I know I made the right decision.   

I suspect I will be in touch with you in a few years, Stephen.   Thank you again...Barry




   Thanks so much for the repair on my Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch. I received it back this

week and everything is perfect. I plan to save your information so in the event that I

ever have another issue I will know who to call!

Thank you very much,

Donald Brande


Good evening. 
I received the watch today and couldn't be more pleased, it fits perfect and looks beautiful, I'm glad I found your website. Your workmanship, attention to detail, and ethics are certainly worth sending my watch to you.
Should I ever need future watch repairs, you will be getting my business. 
Thank you,     Robin. 

Repairs to your Tag Heuer WG1322-2 watch have been completed and it is being posted out to you tomorrow afternoon by registered insured mail. The Registered Tracking Number of the parcel containing your watch will be: RE 970 334 875 US.


Tag Heuer Watch Repair - Reference 49190

From:  "Robert A. Jordan"   

Sent:  Fri, 3 Jun 2011 11:15:49 -0400


I picked up my watch this morning and was very impressed with its


I'm still trying to grow accustomed to it being back on my arm.

Thank you for the professional attention to detail you have provided me

during my service and repair.

Everything has been just as you promised it would be.

I am very impressed with your quibble-free warranty.

As a descendant of watch makers, jewelers and optometrists that insisted on

excellence in craftsmanship, I rank you on their level of expertise.

Thank you for the services.


Robert Jordan



Tag F1 Chrono Repair

From:  "Tom Wengrowski"   

Sent:  Tue, 4 Jan 2011 07:52:12 -0600



I apologize as it’s taken me a while to respond since you repaired my Tag F1 Chrono this past summer.   I intended to drop you a quick note of recommendation and stumbling across your receipt as I was cleaning up some files prompted me to follow through!


Shortly after sending my watch in, you provided a quick, thorough, and very reasonable estimate of the repair.   As with most repairs, watches or otherwise, you encountered some other hidden issues. Once again I appreciated your quick and candid feedback as to what the options available were.   In the end, you did all of the work required at an extremely reasonable price and with excellent quality.   This was basically a complete overhaul of the “guts” of the watch and rejuvenated my sentimental timepiece for a fraction of the replacement value.   Thanks again for your great work.   I would not hesitate to send future repairs to you or recommend your work to others.







Re: Tag Heuer Watch Repair

From:  Brian Macey   

Sent:  Mon, 14 Mar 2011 17:34:10 -0400



Thank you so much for the wonderfuld job you did on my Tag Heuer Link watch! You exceeded my expectations, not only in the quality of the repair, but your customer service as well.  The watch looks and functions  like it's new again! I  have passed out your business cards to friends and family, and hope they get to use your services to make me look good.


Best Regards,


Brian Macey




I received my Tag Heuer Professional watch today and was thoroughly impressed with the work you did on it.   The piece has not looked that good since shortly after I purchased it.   


Thank you very much for your prompt and professional handling of my time piece.   Your excellent communication and quality of work is most appreciated and is a true  breath of fresh air given the poor state of customer service in today's world.   I will recommend you to my friends to be sure.   


Kindest regards,


Jeff Kane




Work completed

From:  Gary Korzeniewski   

Sent:  Fri, 6 May 2011 07:19:46 -0400

Dear Stephen,


Thanks again for your excellent service on my Tag Heuer Automatic watch. It will now take me around Earth on my sailboat.



Gary Korzeniewski






                       Ref: 49200


                       Thank you for the repair of my Tag Heuer Aquaracer watch.


                       It looks and runs like new.   I especially appreciate the communication and progress updates.


                       The repair time and cost certainly exceeded my expectations and the return shipping box was absolutely bullet proof.


                       Thank you for your services.


                       Roger A.

                       Orange Park, FL






Just wanted to let you know the I got the watch Tag Heuer Link) a few days after emailing you.   It looks awesome and I just want you to know you did a fantastic job.   I could not be anymore happy.   I meant to email you earlier but with the holidays that is how it goes.   Have a Happy New Year and I will recommend you to anyone who needs help with their watches.



Hello Stephen,
I picked up my Tag Heur watch yesterday from the post office and I had to just drop you a quick note to say thank you.   The watch looks absolutely fantastic, the refinished dial and hands are perfect.   Most importantly, the watch runs like a champ and is maintaining its accuracy perfectly.   Put me down as one of your 100% totally satisfied (thrilled!) customers.   Thank you again for resurrecting my treasured time piece from the dead!
Best regards,
Curt Bisby


Stephen - I received my Tag watch back today and just want to tell you how happy I am with the way it looks.   Its like a brand new watch!!


Thank you very much for the great work - it was well worth the cost.


Thomas P. Gallup, MAI



I wanted to tell you that my watch arrived today.  I am very satisfied

with the work you have done.  Everything seems to be working and looks

as when I first wore the watch.  I had my doubts that after wearing

this watch everyday and getting as scuffed up as it was that it could

be returned to this condition.  Well, you surpassed my expectations,


Marc Watson

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 10:19 PM, Stephen P. Thomas


Hello, I wanted to  write to say Thank You! I had tried to have my watch repaired on three occasions, each time I paid the bill and each time the watch stopped within an hour of picking it up.  This watch was a gift from my wife on our 10th anniversary, and I missed not having it in working condition.
  I started searching for a "real" watch repair person, I found Quality Watch Repair and am very happy with the result. The estimate was quickly given upon reciept and the repair was done within the time promised. I am a very happy customer and have recomended QWR to my friends.
  Thank You again, Craig Anderson 

Hi Stephen,

Let me begin by saying I have a sentimental attachment to my Tag Heuer watch and I have worn it every day for the past 15+ years. When I noticed my chrono dial not resetting properly and my pusher was loose needless to say I was upset. I called all over trying to find someone to do the repair as the shop I used had recently closed and the factory service center (which I much preferred) appeared to be out of business as well.

Finally I resorted to finding someone on line. I have to admit, I had some trepidation about the possibility of packing up this watch and sending it to someone I had never even met but when Steve offered up all contact info for Tag Heuer's factory repair center I knew he had integrity. And as we all know that is becoming a rare experience today!

I want to thank you so much; the entire watch was cleaned, parts and battery replaced, and repaired for less than the cost of a cleaning and battery replacement at the factory.

But, what I appreciated most was your prompt considerate contact with me.

You emailed me as soon as you received the watch.
You emailed me to tell me exactly what you would do, and how much it would cost.
You responded to my approval of the cost.
You emailed me when you shipped the watch.

I never once felt my watch was "lost in cyberspace" somewhere; I always 
knew exactly what stage you were in.

You are a true professional; the watch was returned in pristine condition, and I will recommend you highly to anyone who needs watch repairs.

Thank you so much for such an unusually pleasant trouble free experience!

Best Wishes Always,



Thank you so much for the repairs made to my Tag Heuer S/EL watch. It looks brand new and the band is working out well. It was much easier dealing with you on the phone and through e-mails rather than driving around looking for someone who could ACTUALLY repair it. Once again thanks for the professional service and personal care. When it's time for my wife's Tag to be serviced I know who I am sending it to!!

Michael Fitzpatrick


Dear Stephen,

Just a note for your records telling you that I'm very happy with your handling of my Tag Heuer watch. The service was excellent in all respects--communication, speed, cost and quality--and I'll keep you in mind for future repairs.

All best wishes,
Evelin Sullivan



I got my watch back and so far so good :)
I been wearing it since Monday and it is keeping perfect time. 

Thanks - you did a very nice job. I appreciate it.


Subject: Tag Heuer Watch Repair

Dear Richard,

Repairs to your Tag Heuer Link Automatic Chronograph watch have been 
completed and it is being posted out to you this afternoon by registered 
insured mail. Please allow a week for delivery.


I received my watch today. It looks great!! Thanks so much for such excellent and professional service.


Dear Stephen, I received the watch and it looks and runs great. Thanks for the excellent service.


Subject: Tag Heuer Watch Repair



I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did repairing my 
watch...It looks great!! I will reccomend you to all of my friends who need 
future watch repair. Thanks again.


Subject: Tag Heuer Watch Repair
Date: Fri, 10 Dec 2004 12:09:42 -0800


Dear Stephen,

I received the watch today and it looks and runs great. Thank you so 
much for your care with my watch. I was very satisfied with the costs 
and the turn-around time. It was a pleasure doing business with you and 
I will recommend your services to anyone that I can. Thanks again.

Heather Howell Golder


Hello Stephen,

Thanks much for the repair and cleaning of my Tag Heuer WG-1120 watch. It 
looks brand new and is running fine.

It is my favorite watch and I am happy to have it back.

Your service, communication and packaging were exceptional, and greatly 

Feel free to use me as a reference in the future, if the need arises.

Have a good day,

Roy F Duvall



This is the second Tag I have sent to you. I could not be happier; I 
appreciate that fact that you email when you receive the watch, email 
when you have looked at it, and, finally, email when you have shipped 
the watch. Your level of service is outstanding; I never felt out of 
the loop; thank you very much...from now on, my Tags go to nobody else.

Deborah Magoon



I received my watch in the return mail and am very happy with your service. Your website was very informative and your prompt email responses to my questions helped me with my decision to have you service my Tag.

The price was reasonable, the service prompt, and I will use you for my next watch repair.



Dear Stephen,

Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt and professional job you did in taking care of my Tag Heuer watch.

My dad bought me that watch about 20 years ago and I can tell you, it was a leap of faith when I packaged it up and mailed it off to you. But after a mediocre and expensive experience with a well known jeweler in the Cherry Creek shopping area of Denver, and having read the rave reviews on your website, I decided to take a chance. And I am glad I did.

It really meant a lot to me that you acknowledged its receipt and kept me updated on the status of its repair and return. I really did feel like you "took care of it" and didn't just fix it.

Thanks again ...Debra Faulconer


Dear Mr. Thomas,
I wanted to thank you for doing such a wonderful job in repairing my Tag 
Heuer watch. You did everything you said you would do and when returned to 
me, it looked brand new!!! I am thrilled with you and your service and will 
highly recommend you to whomever I know that needs an honest, dependable 
watch consultant/repair agent. Your work is superb and I am delighted to 
have found you!!!!

Thank you so very much.
Jamie S. Mondillo


Dear Stephen
I received my repaired Tag Heuer watch today via USPS. Thank you for your 
professional and timely repair to my trusty timepiece. Your excellant 
communication and quality of workmanship is a refreshing change in todays 
throw away society. Thanks again, Chris Wright


I received my watches yesterday. I want to thank you regarding the prompt service and keeping me posted on the status of both my watches. It was kind a leap of faith sending my two precious watches across the country to a person I do not know. But it was worth that leap of faith. Your caring messages and good work speaks for itself.

Thank you,

Rick Giovengo

Subject: Tag Heuer and Seiko Quartz Watch Repairs

Dear Rick,

Repairs to your Seiko Quartz and Tag Heuer watches have been completed and they are being posted out to you this afternoon by registered insured mail. Please allow at least a week for delivery.


Dear Mr. Thomas,

Thank you for completing the repairs to our Tag. We are very pleased that you were able to get the watch going again. We appreciate all the effort you put into the repairs and the way you kept us advised of all that was going on. If we ever have need for watch repair again we will be certain to keep you in mind. It was a pleasure doing business with you.

Chuck and Wendy Ceccarelli


Dear Stephan,
Thank you for the great job on my watch. I'm so happy that it's waterproof again. I'll be sure and send my watches to you the next time and save myself the hassle of not having them done properly.
Thank you again,

Sent: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 16:20:38 -0800
Subject: Tag Heuer Watch Repair


Dear Steve, I,m writting in regards to the recent service you performed on 

my automatic Tag Heuer. You always kept me informed of your progress and 
were relentless in finding the problem. It was worth the wait. My watch runs 
perfect and keeping 1-2 seconds per day accuracy. Your professional and 
personal service is superior and I highly recomend your service to others. I 
will be a repeat customer. finally it is nice to still see an independent 
craftsman who offers quality service and a great warranty at an affordable 

Best Regards,
Paul, Vancouver Wa


The watch runs beautifully and looks like new. Your delivery of repair and fast shipping went beyond my expectations. You have proven that there are honest and professional people left in this world. The watch was cleaned, buffed and looks great! Thanks for your quality service and EXCELLENT customer service.

Virgil Russell
Lakeland, Florida


Let me know if this is not how to leave a testimonial. I will do whatever it takes to help.

(Tag Heuer Automatic)


We received the watch on Saturday. It's working perfectly and was 
beautifully cleaned and polished. I'm very pleased with your work and 
professionalism. Thank you VERY much!

Earth Angels:


Hey Stephen,
Received my Tag Watch Saturday, WOW it looks great,Looks better then when it was brand New -- Excellent Job.
Best Regards,

Len Ryan


I'm writing to say that when I did a search trying to locate someone to 
repair my Tag Heuer watch....I was hesitant to send it to a total 

Working with Stephen Thomas of Quality Watch Repair turned out to be a 
great experience. He is very professional, friendly and "timely".

He let me know when he received my watch....soon after he emailed to 
let me know the problem and cost to repair....and upon approval, 
completed the repair, one again, in a very "timely" fashion! He even 

offers a one year quibble-free guarantee.

I have no doubts about his honesty or professionalism.

Thanks again Stephen,

Gretchen Serrano-



I received my watch today in the mail-it looks beautiful, and it is ticking 
away!!!! You did a fabulous job, and I will recommend you as well as us 
your services again-you are extremely efficient and fair.

Thanlks again,
Dana Bitondo

Dear Dana,

Repairs to your Tag Heuer watch have been completed and it is being
posted out to you tomorrow by registered insured mail. Please allow at
least a week for delivery.



I received the Tag Heuer watch you repaired and returned to me yesterday. Thank you so much for your efforts. I cannot commend you enough on your professionalism, timely and thorough communication, craftmanship and attention to detail. You could teach a class in customer service! I will recommend your services to friends and family, and possibly through this testimonial to everyone and anyone else, without hesitation. 

Thank you again. 

Best regards,
Peter Zippel


Not having purchased a lot over the Internet, I was apprehensive to send my dive watch across the country for repairs.

I just received my watch and all was done as promised and with in the stated quotation. I am very satisfied with your service, pricing and how questions were answered in a very timely manner. Should I need watch repair again, or I know of anyone who does, you will most definitely be contacted.

Thanks for your Excellent Service

Chris Lyons


Tag Heuer,   SEL

Stephen, I received my watch back today and once again I am very pleased.
You are a true craftsman. I will never again trust my watches in the hands
of the local jeweler I will send them to you and recommend to anybody I know
that has a fine watch and wants it to be accurately cleaned and repaired.

Thank you so much!!!

Jason Oxendine



I received my Tag from you last week and was elated. Besides fixing the watch, you obviously cleaned it and the band. For a 15 year old watch, it almost looks new! Last time I had the watch serviced, I took it to a local Tag merchant, who in turn sent it out for service. Very expensive! With your service, I get both high quality and lower costs. 

Thanks, and in the event my Tag needs service in the future, you’re the “go to guy!”

John Ducharme


Mr. Thomas:
I received the watch yesterday--thank you. It has been a pleasure to do business with you. I will definitely refer to your expertise and services in the future. Thank you. 
Dana Scott Phares


Hi Stephen, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with my watch. I looked everywhere for someone to repair my Tag, with no luck 'til I found you. I had dealers tell me finding a Tag bezel was near impossible, but you got one within two weeks. Your service was fast and prompt, and you kept me informed from day one. I am so thankful I found your repair service. It runs great and looks brand new.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sincerely, Carol Clavien


Dear Stephen,

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up my watch today and I am very pleased with 
the results. Thanks again for your great work. 

Merry Christmas 

Dear Stephen,
Thanks for your fast work and updated pricing with regards to the bezel and 
crystal replacements. Although I decided not to replace those at the moment, it is 
something I will consider in the future. Again I really appreciate the service and am 
looking forward to using my watch again.

Kind regards


Dear Mr. Thomas, I received my watch today. THANK YOU! It looks brand 
new and I am thrilled to have it back. I will write a note for your 
customer responses after the Thanksgiving holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! 

Sent: Monday, November 13, 2006 9:26 PM
Subject: Tag Heuer Watch Repair



Wonderful job on my Tag Heuer Formula 1 for the second time in a row! Your work is absolutely stellar and my watch sparkles like a brand new piece. Not to mention, you were as expedient as possible with my repair requests.

I am extremely satisfied with the results. Top notch work! Thanks again.

v/r Lt Col Al Lopez
Travis Air Force Base


I just wanted to thank you for the great repair work that you did on my Tag Heuer 2000 watch. I am very pleased with the work and the price. Thanks again Michael Moffa

Crown and tube, polished case, back gasket, battery, epoxied dial to movement. 198.00


Tag Heuer


For your website

“delivers results as promised”.

“No issues or difficulties with his work, in fact, exceptional outcome”

Frank S. Cohen MD


I received my Tag-Heuer watch on 4/21. It is working beautifully and looks brand new after being serviced and cleaned by you. I really appreciate the good work and regular notification of status while waiting for back-ordered parts. I would recommend you to anyone who needs repair of a valued timepiece. Thanks.

Carol Shuler




I would like to thank you for the fantastic job that you did with my TAG Heuer Chronograph Model CK1111.
You replaced the parts that you itemized in our agreement and according to your rate. 

You also polished the bracelet, which was a pleasant surprise!!   

The watch keeps perfect time!!   Thank you so much for repairing my watch at
such a reasonable rate!!

I will refer anyone who needs watch repair to you.
Best Wishes,
Sean North

Subject: Tag Heuer Chronograph Watch Repair


I got home, checked the package and it was fine - no issues. Â Opened it up, and, as usual, you've done an EXCELLENT job.


Tag Heuer Watch Repair Testimonials