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I repair watches only, and do not do appraisals, or sell parts.


  I work  out of my house and do not have a retail shop. That means you will have to mail your watches to me for repair. For my address and a form to send with your watches, Please click on 'Sending Your Watch' at the top of the page. 

  If you are in the Portland area, and do not want to mail me your watch I suggest you call Klein Jewelers for your watch repair needs. tel: 503 226-6748. If you just need a battery, Batteries and Bulbs on Broadway 503 546-4962 does a good job. If you are outside the Portland area you should probably contact AWCI (American Watch/Clockmaker Institute tel: 866 367-9800) for a referral to solve your watch problems.

Please, before sending your watch in for repairs, E-mail (include your telephone number and first and last name) or call: Stephen Thomas (503) 239-1859, with details as to the type of repairs your watch might need. I then do not end up with a lot of un-repairable watches in my safe, and you do not waste your time or money either. It is quite often much more efficient for me to call you, so please include your telephone number, in your emails.

I repair most watch brands. These featured brands are the watches I specialize in.

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